Cleaning sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are an integral part of many structures, such as industrial halls, public buildings or distribution centres. Their versatility, strength and insulating properties make them increasingly used in various industries, such as industrial construction, the food industry or the chemical industry.

In this article, we will discuss sandwich panels, including sandwich roof panels, sandwich wall panels and the different types of panels available on the market. We will also touch on the cleaning and maintenance of sandwich panels to ensure their long-term performance and aesthetics. If you are interested in the topic of sandwich panels, then this article is for you!


What types of sandwich panels are there?

Sandwich panels come in different variants, such as roof sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels, façade panels, acoustic panels and many more. Each type of panel has different uses and properties that we can tailor to our needs. This allows us to choose from a variety of materials, such as mineral wool, steel or plastic, to achieve the desired results.

What are the advantages of using sandwich panels in industrial construction?


Sandwich panels have many advantages that translate into the popularity of their use in the construction industry. Here are just some of them:

Quick and easy installation – sandwich panels are easy to install, making the construction process faster and more efficient.

High strength – sandwich panels have high mechanical strength, which makes it possible to build robust and durable structures.

Good thermal and acoustic insulation sandwich panels also have insulating properties, which contributes to energy savings and improved comfort for building users.

Weather resistance – sandwich panels are resistant to atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow and UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting use.

Cleaning sandwich panels

How do I carry out cleaning and maintenance of sandwich panels?

Cleaning sandwich panels is key to maintaining their performance and aesthetics. Regular maintenance and cleaning helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris or grime on panel surfaces. Here are some recommendations for cleaning and maintaining sandwich panels:

Regular cleaning – sandwich panel surfaces should be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated dirt and debris.

Using appropriate cleaning products – mild detergents or specialised products designed for cleaning sandwich panels can be used for cleaning.

Avoiding aggressive preparations – the use of aggressive cleaners or strong detergents that can damage the surface of the panels should be avoided.

Proper maintenance of coatings – if the sandwich panels have a coating, the condition of the coating should be checked regularly and maintenance carried out as necessary to ensure long term protection


Summary – key information about sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are an indispensable part of many structures in industrial construction and beyond.

They are available in different types, such as sandwich roof panels, sandwich wall panels, façade panels and many more.

Sandwich panels have many advantages such as quick installation, high strength, good thermal and acoustic insulation and weather resistance.

Cleaning and maintenance of sandwich panels are key to maintaining their performance and aesthetics.

Regular cleaning, the use of appropriate cleaning products and maintenance of the coatings are essential activities to be carried out.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about sandwich panels

What is the difference between a roof sandwich panel and a wall sandwich panel? A roof sandwich panel is designed for use on the roof of a building, whereas a wall sandwich panel is used for the façade of building walls.

What types of sandwich panels are there? There are many types of sandwich panels, including façade panels, acoustic panels, wall panels or roof panels. Each type has different properties and applications.

What are the cleaning methods for sandwich panels? Gentle detergents, neutral agents and a soft brush or broom can be used to clean sandwich panels. It is important to avoid aggressive agents that may damage the surface.

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