Is it worth using roof panels?

Roof panels have for some time become one of the most frequently chosen structural elements in the construction of a single-family house. This element, derived from production and warehouse halls, is gaining more and more popularity, slowly becoming one of the leading choices of many investors. No wonder that many people wonder what such discs are and whether they are really worth choosing.

What are roof panels?

The roof panel, which is also often referred to as a sandwich panel, is a special construction element that consists of two interconnected sheets with a protective layer. Importantly, the key element of such a board is its core, which can be made of various materials. Depending on what the core is made of, the entire board may have slightly different usability.
What are the most popular core materials? It is assumed that they include:

– polystyrene – and then the board is light, quite cheap, and also has good thermal insulation,

– mineral wool – this type of core makes the board perfectly soundproofed, it is perfect for thermal insulation, and also allows the air to flow freely, preventing the appearance of fungi and mold,

– polyurethane – it is an artificial material that is characterized by excellent resistance to high temperature, including even fire.

Why is it worth using roof panels?

Since you already know what roof panels are, it is now worth finding out why they should be used in the construction of a single-family house. What makes such a finishing element worth buying?
First of all, you need to know in this case that boards of this type are characterized by an excellent price, as well as excellent durability. The sheet metal is not only strong and durable, but additionally secured with special varnishes and paints that protect it against the negative effects of moisture or low or high temperature. A properly selected core allows the panel to effectively soundproof a given room, protect it in the event of fire or prevent the interior from heating up due to high temperature.

What’s more, you also need to know that this type of roof panels are fast and quick to install, so installing them will not be a problem. Additionally, it should be noted that they can be used not only as roofing material, but can also be used as a façade finish, and even as a ceiling protection inside the building.

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